Prijava Koripcije Policije na granicnom prelazu

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My son and his wife are traveling the world for the last year and for some unknown reasons have decided today to go to Macedonia. Macedonia is a beautiful country with a great culture. However, today they were robbed by two police officers who boarded the train. they asked them how much money they had and said that they had too much and each took 20 Canadian and 20 Euros need to find alternative transportation. This is the info that I have it was xx.xx.xx-xx.xx.xx around xx:xx to xx:xx on train xxx x to x compartment xxx room x. We made an official complaint with the x embassy. I demand justice and that my son and his wife be reimbursed for all what was taken from them plus the extra costs that they have incurred to get out of your country.
I look forward hearing from you soon. It should not be had to figure out who those two tugs are that were on that train that night.
I look forward to your response.
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Transparency International Macedonia (Nov 2 2017)
Dear x, thank you for reporting this case to us. We are sorry to hear about your son’s and his wife's inconveniences. We would like to let you know that we are about to inform the Sector for Internal Control at the Macedonian Police about your case, as per your description of the event and the police officers. We are going to send a letter to the State Secretary at the ministry of Interior as well. We are going to let you know about any actions taken by the Sector for Internal Control and the results of it. Feel free to contact us with any new information about your case or if you need any additional help. Respectfully, Transparency International – Macedonia
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